Adriana Rossi
Team Training and Saturday Mornings

The coaches interact with the children really well and makes it a fun learning experience for them.

Andrew Wilson
Mini Kickers and Mini League

Pro Kickers Academy provides fun and well organised coaching sessions. A variety of fun exercises are used and the children have learnt so much in their time at Pro Kickers. A big thank you to all the coaches for their hard work, keep up the good work!

Caroline Simms
Mini League

My child has been going to Pro Kickers Academy for just over a year now, and the development of his skills from then to now has been amazing. The trainers are well versed in knowledge of football and explain to the children the use of techniques during the session they also keep them attentive and alert throughout the session, keep up the good work!

Oliver Dolan
Mini League

Great attention to detail, the positional play/correction on the pitch in Mini League is excellent!

Jamie Hill
Saturday Morning

Oliver loves he’s football with the coaches on an After School club at Hextable Primary School, when I watch him play football with his friends I can see that he has picked up lots of techniques and skills and understands the game a lot more.

Linda Bartlett
After School Club and Friday Night Sessions

Attending Pro Kickers Academy for over a year has given my 6 year old son the confidence and ability to become a team player amongst others whilst teaching him the skills and sportsmanship required, thank you for this.

Louise Lally
Saturday Morning

My son has been attending two sessions per week at Pro Kickers Academy for a few yeas now. We find the sessions to be very well structured and focused but also the discipline and attention to children next to none, we are very happy.

Michael Mynard

Saturday Morning

Excellent coaches that teach the skills needed for the relevant age group, both of my boys have benefited hugely from the time and effort the coaches have put in, thank you Pro Kickers Academy. 

Steven Woodcock
Team Training

My son loves attending Pro Kickers Academy. His football skills and listening skills have improved immensely but most importantly, he learns something new every week.

Dan Hegarty
Saturday Morning

Pro Kickers Academy is a fantastic starting block for an introduction to football; my child finds the sessions so much fun and can’t wait for a Saturday Morning.

Sabrena Hardware
Saturday Morning

Pro Kickers Academy will not only help your child learn how to play football but develop good listening skills and co-ordination needed for any young child to progress in any sport. 

Max, Aged 6

I love passing, dribbling and shooting!

Justine Cooke
Saturday Morning

Doing a FANTASTIC job with my children, keep up the good work.

Joanna Seldon
After School Club

Pro Kicker’s session’s are fantastic for building confidence, brilliant for co-ordination and improves listening and communication skills, my son looks forward to every Saturday Morning.

Richard Cross
Friday Night Session

Sessions are varied and tailored to every child’s needs. Jack and the team are very enthusiastic about the children and their football, this comes across in every session.