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One of Pro Kickers Academy’s long term vision’s is to improve the standard of grassroot coaching for the children and coaches  in the surrounding county’s of London, Kent, Surrey and also the local boroughs of Bexley, Greenwich, Bromley, Lewisham and Croydon. This project gives teams of any ability or age the opportunity to work along side any number of our highly trained coaches to help develop, progress and nurture the teams footballing talent.

This project has been a wide success for any number of Junior Football Clubs already over the last three years. We have implemented in a number of different Junior football clubs one of our members of highly skilled staff, who has taken on the role of ‘Director of Coaching’ at their junior football club. Because a lot of the junior football clubs run with the help of volunteers who are very often mothers or fathers of a child in that team who my not be able to deliver every need that their children and team need, our aim is to help as many clubs progress their sides in a positive and educational way.

What we offer to the local junior clubs is a service that we work with their teams, this can be anything from the teams that they feel may need a little help to progress the coaching staff and the children or to work with a new team that may need us to lay the foundations to give them a good platform to move forwards on or to work with their elite sides to help with the finer details of the team. We can tailor for every need that the club and teams desire for.

This project can range from either a single session to a season long goal, it depends entirely on the coaching staff and children’s needs, but we feel this is a very important project to help the stars of the future reach their full potential.

If their are any further questions you want to ask please feel free to contact us with your questions, or if you feel their maybe an opportunity for your Junior football club or team to who maybe interested in this project please contact us.

Pro Kickers Academy


“Pro Kickers Academy is run by friendly professional trainers who make the child feel welcome, wanted and special and on top of that there taught to play great football.

My son came to Pro-kickers at the age of 5, he liked football but was shy and very unsure of himself, he didn’t like to join in and was timid around other children.

After completing a half term at a Pro Kicker Soccer camp he became more confident in himself, his footballing ability had trebled, he now attends Pro Kickers every Saturday and attends any half term soccer schools that “Pro” runs, after every session he is sweaty and beaming, he has made some good friends along the way.

I also am involved with a under 8’s team and got the Pro Kickers staff to take our training at the teams mid week session and in my opinion Pro Kickers teaches each child to play football in the right way, on the ground and to feet, the soccer school isn’t about developing the “best” kids it’s about developing every child whatever their standard, each child is encouraged and made to feel special, there is never a negative towards the child.

The drills the children do are done in such a clever fun way that sometimes the children don’t actually realise that they have learnt a valuable football skill.

I have watched my own child and others grow so much in such a short space of time the development has been amazing.

The Pro kickers team are very approachable and have time to talk and answer any questions you may have and whilst talking to them you can feel the enthusiasm and passion they have for the development of the children and football in general.


Andy Wainman – Manager of Long Lane JFC u8’s.

After first season with Pro Kickers Academy: